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zebNet Server Backup 2012 1.2.11 -  zebNet Server Backup 2012 is the optimal backup, recovery and synchronization solution ... on a Microsoft Windows Server platform. Key Features OCo ... OCo Plug and run backup feature for external drives ... (2/0) download

zebNet Home Server Backup 2012 1.2.11 -  zebNet Home Server Backup 2012 is the optimal backup, recovery and synchronization solution ... a Microsoft Windows Home Server. Key Features OCo Creates ... OCo Plug and run backup feature for external drives ... (4/0) download
Acronis Backup Advanced Windows Server 11.7 -  powerful, top-rated Windows server backup available. Capture and restore ... and seamlessly integrated cloud backup to ultra-secure local ... and resources with incremental backup, compression, deduplication, and automated ... (110/3) download
SQL Server Backup -  SQL Server Backup is a backup and restore utility for Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2000, 7.0, MSDE, WMSDE, SQL Server 2005 Express. It can backup SQL Server database to local hard ... flexible design enable you backup and restore SQL Server database without deep knowledge of SQL Server. Key features: - Back up ... one single job. - Flexible backup ... (207/0) download
FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server 9.05 -  FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server 9 Trusted Server Backup, Server Upgrade, and Hard Drive ... Software for Businesses Total Backup Recovery is an easy-to-use and powerful backup & recovery software for ... recover lost data. Total Backup Recovery ensures business can ... (8/0) download
Acronis True Image Enterprise Server Echo 1.0 -  True Image Echo Enterprise Server is the new enterprise solution for central server backup and disaster recovery as ... centrally and controls the backup and restore of the ... Flexible restore on dissimilar hardware and on a virtual ... (24/0) download
GRBackPro - Server Backup 7.5.2020 -  you lose your Windows Server valuable user data? GRBackPro is Windows Server Backup software that helps you ... You can define multiple backup sessions: back up a ... let you start your backup automatically start without intervention ... (2/0) download
FastSQLBackup-SQL Server Backup Manager 1.3 -  achieve that, you can backup your data and store ... another device. FastSQLBackup - SQL Server Backup Manager is a software ... easily handle your SQL server data, by creating regular ... (10/0) download

IT Arnhem 1.0 -  it arnhem, server, it bedrijf, servers, server backup, mkb backup, back-up, online backup, IT advies, ICT advies ... ... (2/0) download
MS SQL Server backup utility 1.1 -  MS SQL Server backup utility - Backup file extension is now ... of .SQLBackup. MS SQL Server backup utility Features : - Backup of selected objects - Backup of selected data - Backup of only scripts - Backup of only data - Backup of both scripts and data - Supports backup from remote severs over ... (1/0) download
NovaBACKUP Server 15 -  NovaBACKUP Server is backup software for the rest ... implement a professional, reliable backup for Windows Server systems. With NovaBACKUP, you ... have to be a backup expert. NovaStor experts offer ... (0/0) download
EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server Trial 3.5 -  It is the Windows Server backup and disaster recovery for ... physical and virtual Windows Server environments. It provides powerful server data backup & recovery features such ... fast system & files backup, disaster recovery, Exchange/SQL Server database backup & recovery, advanced backup scheduler and universal restore ... (4/0) download
Mediastate 2.0 -  destruction of all your server backup media, and for cataloging ... remind you of when backup media should be destroyed/recycled ... Mediastate. Using Internet Information Server and Microsoft's SQL databases ... (10/0) download
Backup for Workgroups 1.0 -  New disk-based, client/server, backup and disaster recovery utility ... Supports scheduled changed file backup, non-redundant and encrypted ... files, or complete system. Backup for Workgroups is a disk-based, client/server automatic backup and disaster recovery software ... (27/0) download
WinBackup 2.0 Server 2.1.2 -  The server backup solution that awards 100% ... ownership! WinBackup 2.0 Server takes business continuity a ... exceedingly easy-to-use backup solution that maximizes performance ... (8/0) download
BRU Server 1.0.7 -  Client/server backup solution. BRU Server is a native OS X client/server backup tool. Based on the venerable BRU[tm] backup engine known for its reliability, BRU Server supports two networked systems ... mark of reliable UNIX backup for 18+ years, and ... (126/0) download
Bulk DB restore 0.9 -  directory full of SQL Server backup files, investigate the contents of backup files, or restore a backup with a new database ... large numbers of SQL Server databases. It allows you ... inspect the contents of backup files in a directory ... (115/0) download
Idera SQL virtual database 1.4 -  Access data in SQL Server backup files without restoring. Main features: - Retrieve data from backup files immediately - Use all ... Supports SQLsafe and SQL Server full, differential and transaction ... (3/0) download
Handy Backup Server 6.0 -  Handy Backup Server delivers a complete server-based network backup solution for small and ... stored on both central server and remote computers. Workstation backup runs as Windows service ... with employees' work. Handy Backup Server supports files-based and image-based backup and allows backing up ... (50/0) download
Acronis Backup and Recovery 10 Server for Linux build #12497 12497 -  Acronis Backup & Recovery for Linux Server 10 is the new ... servers alone. With Acronis Backup & Recovery for Linux 10 Server, the operating system, applications ... level of protection for server backup strategy of the company, Advanced backup, disk snapshots with support for databases and server applications, reliable restorations with ... (35/0) download
Acronis True Image Enterprise Server 9.1 -  Acronis True Image Enterprise Server: the most powerful corporate Acronis solution for server backup, protection and restore. Unlike other Acronis server backup products, Acronis True Image Enterprise Server boasts Acronis Management Console ... install the product, manage backup tasks, and recover remote ... 1) create an exact server disk image, ... (196/0) download
Uranium Backup 7.3 -  and most versatile tape backup software in the world ... CD and DVD Burning Backup to DVD or CD ... and iso files. SQL Server Backup Microsoft SQL Server database backup (including Express Edition),with ... (90/0) download
Virtos S.O.S Backup Enterprise 5.5.2005 -  S Backup Enterprise is the ideal ... who need to perform backup on automation hardware (library and autoloader). S.O.S Backup Enterprise also automates backups ... Get S.O.S Backup Enterprise and take it ... (3/0) download
LARA-A BackUp 0.9Backup files to a secondary drive or server. Backup important data to a ... hard disk or a server using the stand-alone application and/or the screensaver. Backup from any combination of ... local servers. Set up backup profiles to keep historical ... (24/0) download
SQL Server BAK File Recovery Services 1.0 -  SQL Server BAK File Recovery services ... bak file, remote sql backup recovery services, per database ... data out from sql server backup, etc. All you require ... (5/0) download