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Display Tuner 1.3 -  convenient access to the monitor settings, such as brightness, contrast, color settings or geometry. If your monitor has speakers or a ... profiles with different color settings (for example, "Films", "Text" ... easily change the color settings, just press a hotkey! ... (247/0) download

Advanced Security Manager 11.1 -  ability to port security settings between Essbase servers, save security settings for backup, and create original security settings with a user friendly ... create or update security settings, monitor or logoff users signed ... to the server, and monitor or remove locks on ... (28/0) download
RoboExplorer 1.1 -  files and current parameter settings - download parameter settings - monitor the programs running in the controller - monitor the variable values of a running program - monitor the status of the controller's IO - monitor the position of the ... (3/0) download
AggFlow 121.6 -  different equipment types and settings, monitor flow rates and gradations ... (21/0) download
XE Currency 1.0 -  Phone 7 Personalize your settings Monitor up to ten favorite ... (11/0) download
JACK Audio Connection Kit -  and MIDI connections, environment settings, monitor current overall CPU usage ... (5/0) download
Softany Monitor Control 2.04 -  Softany Monitor Control is a tray ... turn off your computer's monitor, manually start any screensaver ... minutes; quick change screensaver settings; automatically disable screensaver and ... (57/0) download
MysticMon 1.0.1 -  you to control your monitor brightness, contrast and other settings directly from software without ... reach for the physical monitor controls. This way, users can adjust monitor settings on the fly depending ... you can adjust the settings for all monitors to the same settings immediately. This can be ... (3/0) download

Mouse Monitor 4.2 -  Mouse Monitor shows statistics on the ... small library installation. Save settings to file. (File will ... including background. Note: Mouse Monitor doesn't run under a ... (6/0) download
Smart Organizing Monitor for PCL 1.0 -  Smart Organizing Monitor is a utility to ... status and change printer settings from a client computer ... (1/0) download
Magic Tune 1.0 -  adjustments for the display settings and configuration of the monitor in a more advanced ... we can mention image settings (brightness, contrast, and resolution ... hue, gamma, calibration) and geometry (strain, position, sharpness). It ... (5/0) download
BOINC Monitor 9.28 -  BOINC Monitor shows BOINC tasks progress. Resizable! Save settings to file. (File will ... File: allprojectslist.xml). BOINC Monitor shows BOINC tasks progress. Resizable! Save settings to file. (File will ... File: allprojectslist.xml). BOINC Monitor shows BOINC tasks progress. Resizable! Save settings to file. (File will ... (0/0) download
Ping Monitor 6.8 -  as desktop applications, to monitor website Ping Monitor is a desktop gadget for Windows that can monitor up to five local ... to the gadget. Ping Monitor supports both IPv4 and ... the server's alias. Ping Monitor is a handy gadget ... (38/0) download
Emsa Bandwidth Monitor 1.0.44 -  Emsa Bandwidth Monitor is program that allows ... extended Net adapter interface settings, like MAC address, speed ... (97/0) download
Spam Monitor 2.5 -  Spam Monitor is an easy-to ... ... (28/0) download
Sentry-go Quick Server Monitor 4.3 -  Sentry-go Quick Server Monitor allows you to easily monitor your Microsoft Windows Server ... the server. You can monitor key Windows services or ... are detected, the Quick Monitor can either respond automatically ... (11/0) download
Shared Monitor 1.0 -  reasons for you to monitor your computer's shared resources ... and by whom. Shared Monitor is an advanced shared resource monitor and logger. The program ... can click the Shared Monitor tray icon to see ... (17/0) download
ChekOf v1.30 -  Allows you to monitor the macro security settings of Microsoft Office. ChekOf ... if the macro security settings of Word 95\; Excel ... if any of the settings are set to low ... (25/0) download
GammaToggle X 1.0 -  Mac and PC gamma monitor settings. GammaToggle is a utility ... Macintosh or PC gamma settings. This is extremely helpful ... (43/0) download
F@HMonitor 1.1 -  F@H Monitor is a resiable Windows ... Folding@home tasks progress. F@H Monitor saves its settings to a gadgetname_Settings.ini ... (13/0) download
Tembria Server Monitor -  Network Monitoring Tembria Server Monitor continuously monitors your network ... Internet protocols, Tembria Server Monitor watches for specific conditions ... management tools, Tembria Server Monitor is very easy to ... (2/0) download
Keyboard Monitor Program -  Keyboard monitor program provides easiest and ... to change software configuration settings. Multifunctional keystroke capture utility ... guide.Features:* Keyboard monitor program is the relevant ... (1/0) download
Drives Monitor 7.7 -  Utilizes Performance Monitor data to visualize physical ... party applications. Resizable! Save settings to file. (File will ... (44/0) download
Power Monitor Off 3.0 -  Power Off Monitor Whenever Required & Save Power. To Power On Monitor Just Press some Key ... Mouse a little.Power Monitor Off Using a Desktop ... can be removed using Settings.Registered Users get Upgrades ... (4/0) download
GPU Monitor 5.4 -  Lets you monitor the most recent stats ... is needed. Resizable! Save settings to file. Two modes ... (45/1) download