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Shareware Assistant 1.5Shareware Assistant (SWA) is a program designed to help shareware authors process orders, manage ... (14/0) download

Shareware Tracker -  commercial, demo, freeware and shareware authors and publishers. Supports ... submission to over 600 shareware download sites, software directories ... and much more! With Shareware Tracker you always have ... (0/0) download
1Way 6.2 -  application into time-limited shareware. Generate serial numbers (registration ... (43/0) download
PADexpress 1.44 -  PAD file to 100+ shareware and freeware sites with ... to over 100 popular shareware and freeware sites. Simply ... (32/0) download
PADADD 2.1.8 -  PAD file to 1000+ shareware and freeware sites with ... (48/0) download
Shareware Workshop 1.2.7Shareware developer's automation tool Shareware Workshop is a multi-purpose tool designed for shareware developers!Major feathures:1. Store ... Submit your product to shareware archives: 3.1. Forms ... and integrate it into Shareware Workshop\; 4.4 .Allows ... (17/0) download
A Shareware Marketing Pr 1.0Shareware Marketing and promotions e-book offers this ... e-book to all shareware authors that wish to ... published daily in the weblog at Version 1 ... (144/0) download
Shareware Submission Buddy 1.01Shareware promotion software that helps ... Sharewares and directories manually. Shareware promotion software that helps ... promote your software to Shareware sites and directories manually ... (11/0) download

Shareware Ledger v2.0 -  Lets shareware authors keep track of ... You can also use Shareware Ledger to generate various ... ... (23/0) download
Shareware Author's Resource Guide (SARG) v2.1Shareware Author's Resource Guide (SARG ... driven guide which provides shareware authors with valuable information ... the success of their shareware business. In the form ... (19/0) download
SWAT (The Shareware Authors Toolkit) v1.00 -  SWAT (The Shareware Authors Toolkit) helps automate ... the routine chores of shareware authors. SWAT offers registration ... (27/0) download
1st Shareware Submitter 2.0 -  1st Shareware Submitter is a semiautomatic ... submission process. However, 1st Shareware Submitter will do all ... dirty work automatically. 1st Shareware Submitter will fill all ... (24/0) download
Shareware Authors Resource Guide 4.4.1 -  Whether you're a veteran shareware author or you are just starting your shareware business, this FREE, award ... and run a successful shareware business. It discusses strategies for programming for the shareware market, distributing your programs ... ... (68/0) download
95 Lights Go Down (Shareware Version) v1.20 -  95 Lights Go Down (Shareware Version) is a collection ... (13/0) download
LeoFiles 1.1 -  enabled archive for software, shareware, freeware. Search and/or submit ... (5/0) download
KeyedAccess for Microsoft Access 4.2 -  KeyedAccess is an add-on module for Microsoft Access that handles product key/unlock code validation, giving you the ability to create secure trial/shareware versions of your Access applications, or to enforce monthly, 3-mo, 6-mo, or yearly software license renewal. Only a key provided by you will unlock the full features of your application, and software ... (4/0) download
SoftExpress 1.0 -  manager tool collecting some shareware downloads and coupons. It ... (7/0) download
Protect Shareware 1.1 -  Protect Shareware offers a easy to ... for software/application registration. Protect shareware supports Visual Basic, C ... (1/0) download
Raptor Shareware 2.4 -  Raptor Shareware is a vertical scroll ... (7/0) download
BookPrint2000 1.8 -  BookPrint is a German shareware programm for MS-Windows ... (6/0) download
Download and upload sites 1.0 -  download,upload,freeware,shareware,list,sites,demo,vendor ... (8/0) download
Software Coupons Finder 1.0 -  time you buy some shareware on Internet. Get hundreds ... software coupons for popular shareware titles or search for ... (3/0) download
SocialMedia driven App Developer 3.20 -  the 21st century Freeware, Shareware or App developer. Fine ... (0/0) download
AbleVector 3.0 -  ABLE VECTOR is a shareware to vectorise raster (digital ... (227/0) download
Robosoft 3.0.531 -  a large community of shareware developers. The Robosoft Database ... (15/0) download