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CEDAR Logic Simulator 1.5 Beta 1.0 -  classes, or for testing simple digital designs. CEDAR Logic Simulator features ... (10/0) download

ProBasic 3.222 -  for the creation of simple hull designs and includes the hydrostatics ... (11/0) download
Exonya for hotel automation 1.0.0 -  Exonya for hotel automation - simple and unique property management ... it! From now your hotel can rent modern software ... use our software for hotel automation without any fees ... (2/0) download
iMagic Hotel Reservation 6.8 -  reservations in a small hotel, bed and breakfast or ... to satisfy customer. iMagic Hotel Reservation is such a software that makes your hotel management easier and more ... end large scale industrial hotel management software. It's a ... (520/2) download
Atom Readers Set 6 1.0 -  Yet another set of simple Atom readers with fresh designs and animation. These will ... (21/0) download
Luxury Hotel Cosmetics 1.6.0 -  and Concept Portfolio Luxury Hotel Cosmetics (LHC) is one ... largest suppliers of exclusive hotel cosmetics and spa products ... from classic to contemporary designs. As exclusive license holder ... (2/0) download
Hotel Sites 1.7.2 -  we have 70 major hotel chains quick linked for your convenience. Hotel Sites organizes highly used hotel pages into a simple interface. Great for those ... searching time to find hotel locations, phone numbers, amenities ... near me now functionality. Hotel Sites finds your GPS ... (2/0) download
iMagic Reservation Lite 1.1 -  system is an affordable, simple to use and install hotel management system for guesthouses ... (26/0) download

Reserve Hotel Room -  Reserve hotel roomsoftware has all the ... required to run your hotel, motel and guest house business. Hotel Room Management offers an ... checkin and checkout status. Hotel Room Management system is ... (2/0) download
BWS Hotel Management Software 6.3.0 -  BWS Hotel Management System has all ... all operations of a Hotel very effectively. This simple software can be set ... your unique needs. BWS Hotel management system has been ... (4/0) download
Flip_Themes_Package_SingleSlide_Ornament 1.0 -  different forms, from a simple round ball to highly artistic designs. The SingleSlide Ornament provides ... themes decorated with beautiful designs. You can use this ... (4/0) download
LRFD Prestressed Beam 3.2 -  is a program that designs simple span prestressed beams such ... (4/0) download
Motel Pro 1.0Simple guest check-in system ... (2/0) download
BERNINA ART Design 1.0 -  Choose simple designs for fine fabrics. - Large-scale, densely embroidered designs are suitable for medium- and heavy weight fabrics. - Designs can be scaled/sized with ... (5/0) download
eCover Go - Online eCover Generator 1.0 -  create eye-popping eCover Designs and Marketing Graphics in only five simple steps? The eCover Go ... (5/0) download
Hotel Room Management Room Management software has ... required to run your hotel, motel and guest house business. Hotel Room Management offers an ... checkin and checkout status. Hotel Room Management system is ... (7/0) download
Hotel Room Reservation room reservation software has ... required to run your hotel, motel and guest house business. Hotel management software offers an ... checkin and checkout status. Hotel room reservation system is ... (3/0) download - Book hotels around the world without prepayment or fees! 1.3 -  Application is a new simple and reliable method of instant hotel booking around the world ... carry information about the hotel - all reservations via Hotels ... seconds to book a hotel room and get a ... (1/0) download
Tap Tap Tap! 1.5 -  The idea is simple, tap until you can ... create beautiful and colorful designs every time you tap ... Reward yourself with the simple task of tapping. You ... (4/0) download
Quick Architect 1 -  size 2- Choose Culture (Simple -Western -Middle Eastern- Far ... concept (Zaha Hadid energetic designs- Theo Van Doesburg simplicity ... (1/0) download
Cayman Islands Manual 1.0 -  Islands map, subway information, hotel information, phone directory, simple local language, food information ... necessary in your travel. Hotel: lots of hotels are ... you forget booking a hotel, just open this application ... (2/0) download
Snake Battle Royale 1.0 -  The goal is simple, the longest snake remaining ... the winner. Each player designs a path for their ... 60 second gameplay rounds. -Simple controls, just draw a ... (2/0) download
Instarim 1.0 -  of the available wheel designs, and then just drag them onto your car - simple as that. When you're ... five different fifteen52 wheel designs: Snowflake, Tarmac, Teardrop, Formula ... ... (6/0) download
Yummmy 1.1.0 -  Yummmy is the simple and beautiful way of ... most popular and viewed designs and drafts. Yummmy is ... (1/0) download
Der Weinmesser 1.1Hotel Der Weinmesser in Schena At Hotel Der Weinmesser in Schena ... wines. This 4 star hotel is South Tyrols first wine hotel and as such it ... wine enthusiasts with a simple but promising credo: a ... (5/0) download