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SMS Bulk Messaging -  Easy to download SMS Bulk Messaging software for GSM ... phone calls. Automatic freeware SMS Bulk Messaging utility conveniently sends ... less amount of time. SMS Bulk Messaging program provides you ... (5/0) download

SMS Bulk Messages -  Compatible and convenient SMS Bulk Messages software provides the ... outside the country via SMS without making unnecessary calls in few easy steps. SMS Bulk Messages provides you capability ... of mouse. Highly advanced SMS Bulk Messages conveniently works with ... (6/0) download
SMS Bulk Software -  Economical SMS bulk application has varied advance ... and functionalities for sending SMS to group of mobile phones users. Powerful SMS bulk program does not require ... internet connection or GSM SMS modem for sending and composing bulk number of messages in ... (2/0) download
SMSgee PC SMS Bulk Sender 2.0 -  PC SMS Bulk Sender is a helpful ... to send and receive bulk text messages (SMS) with the help of ... for facilitating the mass SMS sending task. You can ... (1/0) download
PC SMS Bulk Sender 1.7 -  Send/receive SMS from your PC using ... ... (272/0) download
SMSgee SMS Bulk Sender 2.1.1SMS Marketing tools. Send SMS from PC using UMTS/GSM ... friendly GUI easily manage SMS traffic up to 10.000 SMS per day.Support import/export phonebook and SMS to CSV/XML file,create personalized SMS for each recipient very useful for SMS marketing, promotion campaign,customer ... any other purpose using SMS. Requirements: Pentium III 500 ... (1/0) download
Multiple Phone Bulk Sms Sender 2.0 -  Multiple Phone Bulk SMS Sender is a software ... and you can send SMS from both mobiles phones ... you to customize your SMS with many fields such ... (42/0) download
Bulk SMS Sender 1.5Bulk SMS Sender is a software ... you to customize your SMS with many fields such ... such as delayed deliver SMS. You can load a ... (7/0) download

Bulk SMS Standard 4.5.0Bulk SMS Standard is a useful ... to help in sending Bulk SMS through PC or Laptop ... the phone from which Bulk SMS needs to be sent ... (7/0) download
Mass SMS Software SMS software offers to send ... cheap way for sending SMS in a quickest and ... a time instantly. Economical bulk SMS broadcasting utility has better option to send group SMS to individual or many ... (3/0) download
Android SMS Application sms utility is straightforward and ... communication way to transmit bulk sms without internet connection. Bulk sms software sends messages to ... means of communication. Android bulk message tool sustains all ... (18/0) download
BlackBerry Online SMS -  Excellent bulk SMS sending utility broadcasts business ... many more. BlackBerry online SMS software efficiently delivers same ... at a time. Powerful bulk messaging tool is frequently ... (3/0) download
SGC XL SMS 1.0 -  We as Bulk SMS providers provide you the relevant sms software (SMS Gateway) and support required to send bulk SMSs. We are the ... across regions. We as Bulk SMS providers have contracts with ... quick delivery of your SMS across regions. We manage your SMS delivery via various alternative ... (6/0) download
SMS Modem Gateway -  Reliable SMS Modem Gateway tool is ... org. Easy to use SMS Modem Gateway artistic with ... laptop using USB modems. SMS Modem Gateway Application provides ... (3/0) download
Send SMS with GSM Modem -  advance and excellent Send SMS with GSM Modem software ... worldwide mobile networks. Mobile bulk messaging application quickly compose ... of internet connection or sms gateway. Professional Send SMS with GSM Modem application ... (6/0) download
SMS Text Message Software Text Message is devised ... technology based mobile phones. SMS Text Message program allows ... group text messages simultaneously. SMS Text Message offers you ... (1/0) download
PDA Bulk Text Messaging Tool -  compose and post text SMS to selective or to ... composing and sending unlimited SMS to national or international ... campaigns, contacting employee, personalized SMS etc. Free Pocket PC ... (3/0) download
SMSCOUNTRY SMS Mail Box 1.1 -  You can send sms from Microsoft® Outlook® and ... or colleagues with this SMS add-in for Microsoft® Outlook®. Send SMS Text Messages to almost ... Outlook®. 2. Simultaneously broadcast SMS messages to multiple recipients ... (218/0) download
SMSgee PC SMS Gateway Server 4.2.15.H 1.0 -  Send/receive large number of SMS from PC using multiple ... 5 device and more, SMS traffic up to 50 thousand SMS/24h. Create personalized SMS for each recipient, very useful for SMS marketing, promotion campaign,customer ... Support import/export phonebook and SMS to CSV/XM/XLSL file. Could ... (1/0) download
MagicSMS Enterprise 3.0 -  software application to send SMS to masses in simplest ... MagicSMS to do the SMS sending task automatically. For ... send an appointment reminder SMS to his patients 2 ... (8/0) download
NetShell Suite 2.6 -  for sending and receiving SMS (Sort message service) of ... (5/0) download
eSandesh 1.0 -  as well two-way SMS solutions along with software ... various kind of operations. Bulk SMS Solution : Forward SMS to a single person ... and design :Uniform General SMS : Uniform:- business promotion / ... (3/0) download
Online Text Messages -  Proficient bulk SMS program easily forwards large ... with facility to create SMS containing complete information relevant ... amount of time. Versatile SMS sending software program allows ... (8/0) download
GSM USB Modem -  compose and send group SMS, standard messages and flash SMS without demanding any internet ... entire heavy load of bulk messages broadcasting in ideal way. Advance featured SMS sending program empowers quick ... reliable delivery of all bulk text messages all over ... (3/0) download
smsCentra 2013 lite 1.0.0 -  Get SMS folder name, read text messages from SMS folders. Support regular text ... and Excel export. An SMS is far cheaper than ... (3/0) download