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Advanced Audio Corrector 2.0 -  high-quality audio files (WAV, 16-bit Stereo) before coding to ... high-quality audio files (WAV, 16-bit Stereo) before coding to ... (69/0) download

Shorten (16-bit) v2.3a -  Shorten (16-bit) is a WAV and audio file compression ... 1 is obtained with 16-bit audio files. Lossy compression ... (40/0) download
MediaSauce - Conservative Version (16-bit) v1.1f -  MediaSauce - Conservative Version (16-bit) is an excellent media player that handles WAV, Midi, Video for Windows ... (27/0) download
MediaSauce - Generation X Version (16-bit) v1.1f -  MediaSauce - Generation X Version (16-bit) is an excellent media player that handles WAV, Midi, Video for Windows ... (29/0) download
Blobshop (16-bit) v1.24 -  Blobshop (16-bit) is a funny variation ... ... (26/0) download
NET TOOB Stream (16-bit) v3.5d -  NET TOOB Stream (16-bit) is an excellent audio ... files, as well as WAV, SND and MIDI audio ... (29/0) download
Cool Edit (16-bit) v1.53 -  Cool Edit (16-bit) is a full-featured ... ... (328/0) download
@ Smiley Clock Screen Saver (16-bit) v1.0 -  Smiley Clock Screen Saver (16-bit) displays a clock on ... ... (29/0) download

Halloween Screen Saver (16-bit) (by Star Computer Services) v4.1 -  Halloween Screen Saver (16-bit) (by Star Computer Services ... across a Halloween background. Sound effects are included. (38/0) download
Flying Hallowinsky Screen Saver (16-bit) v1.0 -  Flying Hallowinsky Screen Saver (16-bit) displays images of Monica ... ... (25/0) download
Blair Witch Project Screen Saver 1 (16-bit) v4.0b beta -  Project Screen Saver 1 (16-bit) is a promotional screen ... ... (86/0) download
Icon Clock (16-bit) v5.0 -  Icon Clock (16-bit) is a tiny, digital ... date and select a WAV file to play for the alarm sound, or use Icon Clock's ... (89/0) download
Smiley Clocks (16-bit) v1.0 -  Smiley Clocks (16-bit) is an instant mood ... Clock and turn the sound off from the " ... (57/0) download
WinSpeech (16-bit) v3.0 -  WinSpeech (16-bit) is a text-to ... produces speech through the sound card or PC speaker ... (49/0) download
PSA Cards (16-bit) v3.5 -  PSA Cards (16-bit) is an easy-to ... such as drawings, maps, sound clips, video clips, pictures ... (53/0) download
Magic Notes (16-bit) v2.7 -  Magic Notes (16-bit) is a handy utility ... You can also play WAV or MIDI files for ... (35/0) download
Penny Penguin's Math Bingo (16-bit) v2.6 -  Penny Penguin's Math Bingo (16-bit) is a fun and ... Features cute animation and sound effects. It covers addition ... (34/0) download
Ray's Numbers Game (16-bit) v2.0 -  Ray's Numbers Game (16-bit) is a math tutor ... range of difficulty levels, sound effects, and colorful graphics ... (25/0) download
Roxie's Reading Fish (16-bit) v2.1 -  Roxie's Reading Fish (16-bit) is a multimedia game ... attractive animation and excellent sound effects, Roxie the cat ... (60/0) download
Canasta (16-bit) v3.01 -  Canasta (16-bit) is a version of ... hands and entire matches, sound and music support, multiple ... (43/0) download
Championship Spades (16-bit) v5.2 -  Championship Spades (16-bit) provides a polished card ... game play, MIDI music, sound effects, the ability to ... (46/0) download
Snowman (16-bit) v2.52 -  Snowman (16-bit) is a word guessing ... players, a hint option, sound effects, the ability to ... (33/0) download
Jigsaws Galore (16-bit) v2.2 -  Jigsaws Galore (16-bit) is an excellent jigsaw ... of cool cheat modes, sound, background music, 10 jigsaw ... (38/0) download
CompuPic (CPIC) (16-bit) v1.80.273 -  CompuPic (CPIC) (16-bit) is a fast and ... including graphics, video and sound files\; UUdecoding of Internet ... (50/0) download
WinStructor (16-bit) v1.01 -  WinStructor (16-bit) captures screen sequences as ... intervals, along with the sound, and saves the result ... sample rate, filter the sound, and to include or ... (20/0) download