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Cyber-D's SQL Backup 1.01 -  Cyber-D's SQL Backup is designed to schedule and backup remote SQL databases. Using a PHP ... your server, Cyber-D's SQL Backup can download a dump of the specified SQL database and save it ... enter how frequent the backup is to be run ... (6/0) download

Exiland Backup Free 4.9 -  Exiland Backup Free is a free and powerful file backup software, that allows you ... It is an ideal backup solution for desktop and ... or external HDD). Exiland Backup saves your disk space ... (0/0) download
Simple SQL Backup 2.0 -  Simple SQL Backup is a free software program intended for ... makes performing an immediate backup of a SQL Server database very easy ... ... (1/0) download
DMT SQL Backup Manager 2.5SQL Backup Manager is a high-performance backup and restore tool for Microsoft SQL Server. It allows you ... reduce storage requirements, reduce backup times, speed recovery duration ... providing automated, multi-server backup management and monitoring. ... (4/0) download
Exiland Backup Free -  Exiland Backup Free is a free and powerful file backup and sync software. It ... It is an ideal backup solution for desktop and ... or personal use. Exiland Backup Free has the following features: Main Features: - Four backup types: full backup, differential backup, incremental backup and synchronization data - Powerful ... (639/0) download
Repair SQL Database Free 1.0 -  The service of repair SQL database: powered by Repair SQL Database Free, represents an efficient data ... the integrity of Microsoft SQL Server files. No doubts ... database recovery. The Repair SQL Database Free program successfully opens corrupted ... (7/0) download
Active SQL Backup 0.9.1 -  ZZEE Active SQL Backup can perform *incremental* or ... replicate database, can process SQL queries, dump database structure ... shareware, $49. ZZEE Active SQL Backup is designed for clients ... (76/0) download
Outlook Express Backup Free 1.2 -  Outlook Express Backup Free is a powerful yet ... that allows you to backup your Outlook Express messages ... each time your starting backup. Moreover, the application features ... (1/0) download

SQL Cloud Backup Free 0.9.63SQL Cloud Backup is simple and intuitive ... to back up your SQL Server databases and store the backup copies on a local ... guide you through the backup creation and scheduling process ... (1/0) download
SQL Backup & Restore Wizard 1.2.2SQL Backup and Restore Wizard does ... Auto detection of installed SQL Server Instances Database Backup Database Restore File Compression ... required to store your backup files ) File Encryption ( To ... (78/0) download
Handy Backup Free for Cloud 7.8.5 -  Handy Backup Free for Cloud provides automatic backup and recovery of files ... OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. Handy Backup is an easy and convenient backup tool for home users ... HBDrive.Com - secure online backup service offered by our ... (222/0) download
Stellar SQL Database Toolkit 2.0 -  Stellar SQL Database Toolkit solves three SQL server problems in one ... files and repairing inaccessible SQL database to allow smooth ... 'master.mdf' to reset SQL server System Administrator and individual user passwords. SQL Database Repair effectively recovers ... (160/1) download
Idera SQLsafe Backup Service 4.9 -  Idera SQLsafe Backup Service is fast, compressed and encrypted SQL backup and restore. It can do a backup compression of up to 95% of the SQL Server and it is ... more faster than native SQL backups and that's ... (7/0) download
Fresh FTP 3.40 -  web content (html, graphic, sql backup file, website statistic, etc ... web content (html, graphic, sql backup file, website statistic, etc ... (16/0) download
SQL Repair Free 1.0 -  databases in the Microsoft SQL Server format, the SQL repair program easily fixes ... open the website of SQL Repair Free application and take a ... consider the installation of SQL repair program on more ... (1/0) download
SQL Server BAK File Recovery Services 1.0SQL Server BAK File Recovery ... from bak file, remote sql backup recovery services, per database sql bak recovery, recover some data out from sql server backup, etc. All you require ... team a mail regarding SQL server issues you are ... (5/0) download
One-Click SQL Restore 2.1 -  This simple free tool restores full MS SQL server database backups created using BACKUP DATABASE command or SQLBackupAndFTP ... it connects to the SQL server on the start ... (7/0) download
FastSQLBackup-SQL Server Backup Manager 1.3 -  achieve that, you can backup your data and store ... on another device. FastSQLBackup - SQL Server Backup Manager is a software ... to easily handle your SQL server data, by creating ... (10/0) download
Vembu StoreGrid Backup Software-Free Edn 2.2.1 -  is a flexible data backup software that works with ... Service Provider editions). StoreGrid's Free Edition is ideal for ... networks and for Online Backup Providers. StoreGrid Benefits 1 ... (28/0) download
DMT SQL Quick Backup 3.0 -  DMT SQL Quick Backup is a backup and restore tools for Microsoft SQL Server. It's user-friendly ... batch operation, Enable you backup and restore data to ... AES encryption, secures your backup files from unauthorized access ... (38/0) download
FileFort Free Mac Backup Software 3.21 -  file backups with FileFort free Mac back up software ... easy and automatic file backup program to protect the ... select what files to backup, where the should be ... (7/0) download
FileFort Free Backup Software 3.29 -  back ups with FileFort free Windows back up software ... easy and automatic file backup system to protect of ... select what files to backup, where the should be ... (6/0) download
Backup & Recovery Free Advanced Edition 2010 -  Paragon Backup & Recovery 2010 Free Advanced Edition - a disaster ... Combining all the existing backup techniques and exclusive recovery ... simply the most powerful free backup tool available today. Paragon Backup & Recovery 2010 Free Advanced Edition allows you ... (13/0) download
Free Driver Backup 9.7.1Free Driver Backup, a device driver backup utility, offers a professional solution for device drivers' backup and restoration in Windows ... crashes. In fact, this free diver backup can create the backup of all the major ... you are allowed to backup cookies, IE favorites and ... (62/0) download
PCBooster Free Driver Backup 7.4.2 -  Luckily, PCBooster Free Driver Backup can make your life ... unresponsive/malfunctioning hardware, etc. - our free driver backup software can free you from the aforesaid ... system to find & backup every single driver. No ... (43/0) download