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signIT -  Strong Name and Code Sign .Net Assemblies easily ... Net Framework files. Strong Name and / or Code Sign .Net Assemblies. Code Sign installer files (.msi ... (25/0) download

Name and Property Modifier 2.0Name and Property Modifier can ... context menu. In reality, Name and Property Modifier is ... (9/0) download
Building Inspection and Code Enforcement System 2.2 -  The Building Inspection and Code Enforcement System (BICEs for ... (3/0) download
IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-LATITUDE-LONGITUDE-ZIPCODE-TIMEZONE-ISP-DOMAIN-NETSPEED Database February.2013 .2013 -  city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone, ISP, domain name and connection speed. Developers ... (7/0) download
IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-LATITUDE-LONGITUDE-ZIPCODE-TIMEZONE-ISP-DOMAIN-NETSPEED Database January.2013 .2013 -  city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone, ISP, domain name and connection speed. Developers ... (1/0) download
United States ZIP Code Database (Gold Edition) 1.01 -  database subscription includes ZIP code, city name, alias name, state code, phone area code, city type, county name, FIPS, time zone, day ... The database includes ZIP code, city name, alias city name, state code, phone area code, city type, county name, country FIPS, time zone ... (56/0) download
License-list 1.0 -  the acquired qualification and license. How about a resume ... the talk? 1. Input Name into Qualification and License Name. 2. Choose Date of ... (4/0) download
Colortypist 4.0 -  a color by its name or code, and see it fill ... (68/0) download

buzzroom KeyMaker 1.0 -  in the specified fields:Name,ID Code and Authorized code.With the generated password ... (3/0) download
FPI Editor 1.0 -  Scripts released under freeware license that features syntax highlighting and code completion. It is written in native windows code and all libraries that ... (3/0) download
Landsharks 1.2 -  tax data by owner name, purchase date, sales price, street name, zip code, deeded acreage or zoning ... (4/0) download
M-DCPS Facilities Directory 1.55 -  for site by Mail Code, Site Name and Site Address. Users ... (8/0) download
Quick Domain Check 1.3 -  Choose a domain name and check every important ... easy. Just enter a name and QDC checks every ... top-level and country-code top-level domain simultaneously ... (0/0) download
Airport Codes Database 3.5 -  Available by Airport CODE, by Airport NAME and by CITY name with special assistance for ... (10/0) download
ColorDict 1.0.2 -  can search colors by name and check the RGB/HEX color code. This color dictionary includes ... (3/0) download
UK Phone v2.1 -  number for a place name and vice versa. You simply enter a phone code or the name of an area and ... (40/0) download
CodeBurner for AIR 1.5 -  offer reference information and code examples for HTML and ... you just type the name of an HTML element ... (4/0) download
Gusto Mobile - Code Editor and FTP Client 1.0.5 -  integrated FTP/SFTP client and code editor for web development ... (2/0) download
Barcode 128 Module 1.0 -  Module / DLL, Support Code A, Code B and Code C standard. Create perfect ... (46/0) download
Softek Barcode Maker for Windows 1.1.1 -  Active X Control creates Code 39, Code 25 and Code 128 barcodes. The control ... (32/0) download
Entity Developer Express 5.5 -  free powerful modeling and code generation tool for ADO ... or Visual Basic .NET code for it. Entity Developer ... not allow customization of code templates and is limited ... (19/0) download
TierDeveloper 6.1 -  to Relational mapping and code generation tool that helps ... (1/0) download
RISE Visual Modeling 1.0 -  a modeling tool and code machine available inside Visual ... model directly into source code and database scripts. The ... is plain versatile source code for the platform of ... (1/0) download
LSC Editor 0.73 -  a graphical editor and code generator for Live Sequence Charts (LSCs). The code generated follows a simple ... (2/0) download
Pleasant Modeller 1.0.0 -  Visual designer and code generator for NHibernate and ActiveRecord. Best practices, utility code, and extensibility make development ... projects. Update your code, objects, and database to ... build your application. Generated Code Customization: Regenerate the code without breaking your customizations ... (2/0) download