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Okoker Sudoku Pro 2.1 -  Okoker Sudoku Pro is one of ... Simplest Method to solve Sudoku puzzles... (anyone who passed ... (32/0) download

Sasfead Sudoku 2.0.1 -  Sasfead Sudoku Lite is a free sudoku game with a very ... in this version (Sasfead Sudoku Lite). If you want ... version. In the Sasfead Sudoku Lite you can: Random ... (51/0) download
Sudoku Puzzle Game and Solver 1.3SuDoku began its attack on ... on the Rubik's cube. Sudoku Puzzle Game and Solver ... (59/0) download
Sudoku Assistant 1.00Sudoku Assistant provides you with a computerized Sudoku board that frees you ... (60/0) download
Sudoku Epic 4.61Sudoku Epic is a Windows ... of the famous game, sudoku. You can generate puzzles ... (282/0) download
Sudoku Printer 1.01Sudoku Printer generates and prints booklets of sudoku puzzles. You may select ... (27/0) download
Just Sudoku 1.0 -  Play Sudoku on your PC without ... pen and paper - Just Sudoku 1.0 is a ... puzzles to solve. The sudoku puzzles are divided into ... (179/0) download
Tuffys World Of SuDoKu 1.30 -  to Tuffys World Of SuDoKu. The concept of Sudoku is simple. The puzzle ... small squares. The unsolved Sudoku puzzle supplies only a ... (20/0) download

Sudoku Assistenten 2.0.2Sudoku Assistenten was created by sudoku enthusiasts, for sudoku enthusiasts, and its sole ... let you copy/paste any sudoku you can find into ... approaches to solving the sudoku, both with and without ... (22/0) download
Yin Yang Sudoku 2.0 -  is a game of Sudoku, a puzzle which solution ... The key principle of sudoku is peaceful thinking. Don't ... in a rush - relax. Sudoku puzzle solving is supposed ... (31/0) download
Paragon Sudoku 1.0 -  A Sudoku puzzle game for Mac ... (27/0) download
Sudoku Puzzles Ace 1.50Sudoku Puzzles Ace is a new program based on Sudoku - a Japanese numbers game ... introduced in 1986. The Sudoku-mania really took the ... which started publishing the Sudoku puzzles in February, has ... (67/0) download
Analytical Sudoku 0.9 -  Analytical Sudoku assists you in solving Sudoku-type games by methodically ... (106/0) download
Sudoku Blues 2.1 -  FreeWare game which allows Sudoku players to: (a) Solve Sudoku puzzles themselves (b) Create ... (43/0) download
Elite Sudoku 1.0Sudoku is the most popular ... task can be difficult. Sudoku is recommended by some ... can be used as Sudoku solver. It is easy to solve your sudoku puzzles and try to ... (18/0) download
Black Belt Sudoku 1.01 -  A Free Sudoku game for the PC ... (35/0) download
All-Time Sudoku 1.14 -  All-Time Sudoku offers you a new ... of the classical game Sudoku with detailed and considerable graphic. In the meantime Sudoku is one of the ... from 1 to 9. Sudoku enthralls each which gladly ... (119/0) download
Desktop Sudoku 1.1 -  the all new "Killer" Sudoku, a fascinating varient which ... find more addictive! Desktop Sudoku comes with over 20 ... (47/0) download
Sudoku Up 2007 1.6Sudoku Up is a high-quality collection of Sudoku Puzzles. Sudoku Up Solitaire includes millions ... other sources of Sudoku! Sudoku Up includes five difficulty ... and skipped games. For Sudoku lovers, Sudoku Up is a guaranteed ... (271/0) download
Advanced Sudoku 1.1 -  Advanced Sudoku is a logic-based ... complex version of Traditional Sudoku. AvexLab Advanced Sudoku is game for experienced ... (120/0) download
Traditional Sudoku 1.1 -  Traditional Sudoku is a logic-based ... only one solution. AvexLab Sudoku presents Sudoku game with very simple ... levels of difficult. AvexLab Sudoku provides powerful prompting. Photo ... (26/0) download
123 Sudoku Series 1.0 -  "123 Sudoku Series" is the complete Sudoku computer game for every ... scores, win the "123 Sudoku Series" challenge! Introduce your children to Sudoku with the TibidousT kids ... the help of our Sudoku solver. Print your own Sudoku grids with their solutions ... (49/0) download
100 Sudoku Puzzles 1.0 -  100 different Sudoku puzzles in five degrees ... rules for solving a Sudoku are simple: Each row ... (129/0) download
Sudoku Puzzle Pack - Volume 1 1.0 -  a series of free sudoku puzzle packages. It contains 25 different Sudoku puzzles in varying difficulties ... rules for solving a Sudoku are simple: Each row ... (47/0) download
Sudoku Puzzle Pack - Volume 2 1.0 -  package for all you Sudoku addicted out there: This package contains 25 new Sudoku puzzles in varying difficulties ... rules for solving a Sudoku are simple: Each row ... (97/0) download