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SMS Text Message Software -  SMS Text Message is devised and developed ... phones to send unlimited text messages from PC using ... based mobile phones. SMS Text Message program allows you to ... (1/0) download

Text Message Tutor 1.0 -  Learn and memorize text message and other acronyms quickly ... Comes with over 2000 text message and other important acronyms ... and pasting from any text source. The on-screen ... (2/0) download
Windows Mobile SMS Sync 1.4 -  restoring your increasingly vital text message communications. With the increasing popularity of text messaging, it has become ... an unlimited number of text messages (received, sent, even ... history log. Restore your text messages to any Windows ... (2/0) download
NoSlang - SMS & Text Message Slang Dictionary 1.5 -  Get a confusing text message? Not sure what ... translate internet, SMS, Instant Message, and cyberspace slang phrases ... (0/0) download
Color Text Message Free 1.3 -  Color Text Message helps to design text messages. You can choose ... drop shadow. With Color Text Message will always be unique! Personalize your text messages in the way ... Change the color of message bubbles - Make use of ... (1/0) download
BittyGram - Freely Send YOUR Voice in an Email or Text Message 1.5.5 -  record a personalized voice message and send it in an email or text message. The perfect app in ... a formal email or text message? With BittyGram, you ... record a personal voice message, and send it in an email or text - all while walking to ... (1/0) download
Love Messenger - Romantic Messages for MMS, Text Message, Email and Facebook 9.14 -  someone special via MMS Text Message, Email, Facebook or Twitter ... easy sharing with: - MMS Text Messages - Facebook (your wall ... using Facebook, Twitter, MMS Text Messaging and Email. - EMOJI ... (4/0) download
Copy9 6.10 -  kind of tensions; this text message spy app allows you ... (162/0) download

Message Smuggler Smuggler is the leading ... to smuggle or hide text message into images. Create secret picture message with 256-bit encryption ... choice of transfer method Message Smuggler is an ideal ... (33/0) download
Free Text Message from Computer -  finest application to send text messages from computer system ... saved contact file. Advanced text message sending tool publishes mass ... Professional program to send text message from computer machine provides ... (2/0) download
SMS Text Messge Fill Buddy 2.1 -  SMS Text Messge Fill Buddy 2 ... auto save your sms text message info on pratically all ... Spit and send large text messages. homepage Requirements: Win95 ... (4/0) download
BlackBerry SMS App -  forwards enormous quantity of text message having option to send unique message to every user with ... system installed computer. Powerful text SMS sending program easily ... broadcasting load by pausing message sending process for some ... (7/0) download
bkSMS Picture Message Sender 4.0 -  Type a message in any language, and/or Create your own Picture Message and Send to a mobile bkSMS Picture Message Sender software enables you to type a text message in any language and ... it into a Picture Message and sends it to ... sends as a picture message (picture SMS) to any ... (4/0) download
Bulk SMS Download -  send desired number of text message to large amount of ... and efficient GSM mobile text messages application broadcasts mass ... manually enter numbers from text bar provided with option ... (4/0) download
Android SMS Messaging -  supreme facility for mobile text message marketing campaigns in cheaper ... mobile contact numbers in text or excel file systems ... compose and deliver mobile text sms from PC to ... (18/0) download
Chinese New Year Text Messages 1.0 -  your greetings in group text message. Further, this app includes ... (2/0) download
Text Upside Down 1.3.2 -  friend by sending inverted text message or SMS to them. Text Upside Down is a ... help you writing inverted text. Enter the message that you want to send, and Text Upside Down will convert ... use: 1. Enter your message. 2. Click "Copy", inverted text will be copied to ... (5/0) download
Fullscreen Text 1.0 -  for displaying a huge text message arises. It may happen ... way to leave a message on the table for ... the morning - with variable text size you can be ... (2/0) download
Advanced 911 - Text 911 3.1 -  Send text messages, photos, your address ... help you send a text message with your location to ... 1-1 or silently text 911? Youre hard of ... (13/0) download
Text Tap App 1.1Text Tap app allows you to send a preset text message in only two taps ... open, tap on the message and then tap "Send" ... time to write a text message. For example, you've just ... (2/0) download
Text Live 1.0 -  but really want to text your friends? Text Live is the ultimate application for sending Text message and Surfing the web ... people or even pie. Text Live is the perfect ... tool. Features: Lets you Text, Surf the web and ... (3/0) download
Vertical Text Free 1.0.2 -  Vertical Text can help you to write text in columns. It's very ... "Vertical Text" to generate text in vertical. You can ... friends through email or text message in full version. It's ... (4/0) download
Text Decoder Free 1.1 -  LOL YOLO Internet and Text Message Slang is becoming more ... to look it up. Text Decoder can get you ... Your Children Are Saying Text Decoder has the largest SMS, Text, & Internet Slang database ... (1/0) download
TEXT ROULETTE! - a social drinking game 1.0.1 -  dares sending the craziest text message TEXT ROULETTE is the crazy ... app randomly choose a text message that someone has to ... and TOUGH SMS texts! TEXT ROULETTE includes more than 300 specially written message texts. Some examples: - "You ... (4/0) download
VidTalk - Video Text Messaging 1.3.0 -  FASTEST way to video text message! See what everyone ... You can now video text message PRIVATE video messages to ... messages - Instant video playback - Text message friends when needed - Faster than text messaging - 100% safe for ... (6/0) download