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Time Series API 2.1.2000Time Series API is a professional ... well as general purpose time series modelling. The library is a stand-alone time series engine that can be ... purpose tool for modelling time series, Time Series API has applications in ... (3/0) download

NumXL 1.52.40934.5 -  for econometrics and financial time series analytics, designed to make finance modeling and time series easier to manage. You ... and ARCH effect) - Linear time series: conditional mean modeling (ARMA/ARIMA/ARMAX ... (4/0) download
Live Time Fishing Reports (tm) 1.0 -  Live Time Fishing Reports (Fishing Reports in live time using GPS with direct ... give or get fishing reports in live time. It does not have ... people join and post reports more will join and post reports). With over 5,600 ... (3/0) download
AlaVar 5.2 -  Standard Deviations of a Time series. - Produce quality report plots. reports may be saved and ... (17/0) download
ipMonitor (registered) 8.5 -  is a secure real-time network monitoring software designed ... network management solutions. Live Reports allow you to quickly ... customers are impacted. Configurable Time-Series Reports are ideal for displaying ... (38/0) download
ESBStats - Statistical Analysis Software 2.1.0 -  through to Hypothesis Analysis, Time Series and Linear Regression. Includes ... Population. - Data can be Time Based for Time Series Analysis. - Data can be ... is opened at a time and can contain many ... (521/0) download
Dbank for Windows 2002-7Time Series Database Manager for Windows ... graphical filing system fortime-series and cross-sectional data ... an operating system for time-series and cross-sectional data. Dbank time-series can be stored in ... (30/0) download
GeneXproTools 4.0 -  for Function Finding, Classification, Time Series Prediction and Logic Synthesis ... for Function Finding, Classification, Time Series Prediction and Logic Synthesis ... GeneXproTools comes with a series of templates that only ... (29/0) download

CaterpillarSSA 3.30 -  model-free method of time series analysis Caterpillar-SSA (Singular ... and forecast of the time series structure. The program can ... model-free method of time series analysis Caterpillar (another name ... (45/0) download
CatMV 1.0 -  method for analysis of time series, which may contain missing ... method for analysis of time series, which may contain missing ... of additive components of time series such as trends and ... (19/0) download
kSpectra Toolkit for Mac OS 2.25 -  spectral estimation, decomposing of time series into trend, oscillatory components ... (1/0) download
RRDTool for Linux 1.4.5 -  and graphing system for time series data. RRDtool can be ... will not expand over time, and it presents useful ... (3/0) download
Bayes Server 3.0 -  fields of Machine Learning, Time Series Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Data ... Dynamic Bayesian networks (for Time Series Analysis), and has a ... ... (7/0) download
HEC-DSS Excel Data Exchange Add-In For Excel 2003 3.2 -  storing both regular-interval time series and paired data directly ... available from Excel. For time series data, an optional time window can be specified ... ... (8/0) download
JMulTi 4.2 -  for univariate and multivariate time series analysis. It has a ... (1/0) download
Phicast 0.5 -  the basic techniques of time series forecasting available to Excel ... (4/0) download
Disease Model Simulator 1.0 -  paper “Host-pathogen time series data in wildlife support ... (3/0) download
Dataplore 2.2 -  analysis of signals and time series data of any kindwas ... electromagnetic signals, epidemiological studies, time series in geology, financial management ... and batch mode operation -Time-frequency spectra and isoline ... (7/0) download
Visual Recurrence Analysis 4.9 -  of nonlinear and chaotic time series. Features pattern and determinism recognition in the time series using recurrence plot, which ... (46/0) download
SWSTAT 4.1 -  options for statistically analyzing time-series data. The time-series data are read from ... computed statistics and (or) time series can be written back ... class interval for two time series. The standard error of ... (1/0) download
Signal processor 1.0 -  programs, and utilities for time-frequency analysis, time-series analysis, and wavelets. It ... (3/0) download
Hydrognomon 4.0 -  in the form of time series. Main features: - tabular representation ... forms. - Analysis of several time steps ranging from minutes ... (3/0) download
WinADV 2.0 -  capability to quickly view time series graphs, histograms, or FFT' ... as a function of time may be entered so ... (1/0) download
Dairy Source 1.7 -  Real-time market reports. Includes milk futures, spot ... (11/0) download
My Condition Reporter (First National) 2.0 -  saves Property Managers crucial time managing reports. Fully compliant with legislation ... take photos. Compare ingoing reports and outgoing reports with ease and, as ... to start new ingoing reports - sheer genius! Sync completed reports with your desktop PC ... (1/0) download