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Futures Automated Trading Software 2.0 -  Automated trading software for the individual investor. TradersJet's futures trading platform allows you to ... automate your futures scalp trading strategies. Download the software and run it from ... (15/0) download

Forex Autopilot Software 2009.12 -  the rest, Forex AutoPilot trading software enables you to generate ... WITHOUT any business or trading experience!The good news is ... opportunity online... - Automated Forex Trading Robots that analyze the ... (16/0) download
MetaPRO Forex V2.0 1.2 -  is a very sophisticated trading software tool, built on a ... on your Metatrader 4 trading platform, analyses the price ... fear and greed. However, trading with MetaPRO Ultima removes these emotions so that trading can be executed purely ... (6/0) download
Hot Penny Stock Finder 1.0 -  A powerful new stock trading software that enables you to ... desired a professional stock trading software to boost your profits then download this software and begin raking in ... analyzed with this custom software creation to put the ... (31/0) download
Optimal Trader 2.2.4Trading software for stocks, ETF's, currencies ... Model produces more stable trading signals than trading signals from single models ... (204/0) download
Bfexplorer PRO 2.8.3 -  Trader for multi selection trading on the list view ... by traders it offers trading strategies for any of ... for bet placing or trading by utilizing all offered ... (124/0) download
Market Reflex 1.2 -  Stock trading software that screens thousands of ... using free data. Stock trading software that screens thousands of ... (26/0) download
TinyTrader 1.0.2 -  TINYTRADER is a trading software and portfolio manager, that ... charting and technical analysis software. Languages supported: English and ... (1/0) download

PairTradeFinder 3.0 -  The stock trading software is based on the pair trading system and used by ... ... (8/0) download
WORLD4FOREX 9.5 -  access to world leading trading software with competitive prices and ... a quality service. The trading benefits are: Euro Spreads ... Extra Commission on FX Trading, Low margin requirements on FX, All Trading Style accepted including Scalpers ... (0/0) download
MultiCharts 7.4 -  technical analysis and automated trading software, featuring professional charting, advanced ... gain the chart analysis, trading strategies, backtesting and order ... winning side. Our automated trading platform is EasyLanguage®-Friendly ... (5/0) download
ProblueFX 1.0 -  ProblueFX is a trading software system for institutional clients who engage in proprietary trading in the area of ... and in fund tailored trading models, that are globally ... foreign exchanges. Since good trading opportunities arise especially during ... (3/0) download
MultiCharts Discretionary Trader 7.1 -  of our award-winning trading software. It was designed for ... a DOM or chart trading. The quality standard for free trading software just got taken to ... keep using our free trading platform for as long ... (3/0) download
DaqBot 1.5 -  A powerful trading software, which uses sophisticated technology ... stakes when betting or trading on the Ladder interface ... (9/0) download
Covered Calls Plus 7.5 -  Calls Plus Stock Option Trading Software - Take advantage of high ... (2/0) download
JunoTrade Pro 1.1 -  Pro is a famous trading software for windows platforms. Features ... Alerts - Trade Alerts - Automated Trading - Full Scripting Language (JunoScript ... Testing, Alerts and Automated Trading - BackTesting - Watchlists - Import/Export To/From ... (4/0) download
FuturesTrac 3.1 -  1 trading software takes the challenge out of tracking the different trading times, schedules, and contract ... markets. Quickly display essential trading information for any number ... and/or electronic sessions, contract trading schedules, timer alerts, contract ... (30/0) download
E-Futures International -  associated with commodity futures trading and order management, from ... (170/0) download
FxGrow 9.5 -  FxGrow is a trading chart software available for brokers. VTL ... scripting language in our trading software. It is a non ... designed specifically for developing trading systems. A script is ... (3/0) download
Stock Market Timer 1.0Trading Stocks can be stressful ... all, it's free stock trading software! Second, it will ... along the way. Stock Trading Timer is certified spamware ... (6/0) download
Expert Advisor Reviews 1.0 -  and most profitable Forex trading software. Testing, ranking and reviewing autotrading software for the Meta Trader ... (11/0) download
BetMarket Trader 1.01 -  Trader is a comprehensive software tool for Betfair betting, bet trading, and arbitraging. BetMarket Trader ... features such as manual trading, automated trading, preset prices, and features ... Features: - Automatic and Manual trading - Stop Loss function - Preset ... (68/0) download
Simple Forex Toolbar -  Exclusive Forex trading Tools Package in one software called "Simple Forex Toolbar" ... ... (3/0) download
Pairtrade Finder 2.50727 -  Finder is proprietary stock trading system software used by hedge funds ... profitable style of pairs trading. With free data to ... be short of unique trading opportunities. Software features include back testing ... (9/0) download
RapidSP Day Trading Simulator 10.5 -  easy to learn day trading simulator that can be ... tick-by-tick paper trading of stocks, futures and currencies. Test your trading abilities with virtual money ... movements correctly. With day trading skills there is no ... (72/0) download