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Energy Lens - Energy Management Software 1.5 -  help businesses to save energy, Energy Lens makes it easy to analyze energy data in Excel. Businesses can save energy by using Energy Lens to identify waste and to monitor energy performance. By taking advantage of the interval energy data that's readily available ... data, 15-minute data), Energy Lens can usually bring ... solution for in-house energy ... (67/0) download

Methane Energy New -  Methane Energy is a simple, accessible ... to create electricity.Methane Energy was developed with the ... (1/0) download
Alternative Energy - Save Money 1.0 -  Green Energy Alternatives - Learn how to ... ... (28/0) download
Energy Audit 1.0 Build 50Energy Audit is a small ... companion to Plug-in Energy Meters. This tool comes ... user to identify where energy is used, and therefore ... (6/0) download
KAR Energy Software PREMIUM 1 -  KAR Energy Software is the software ... (6/0) download
S-Energy Manager 2.0 -  The S-Energy Manager sidebar gadget displays energy consumption data from S-Energy electric meters. S-Energy electric meters are connected ... bus system to S-Energy Managers, an operator panel which shows captured energy data. Values are read ... ... (7/0) download
Houston Apartments 2.0 -  This screen saver displays Houston apartments. Created by Houston apartment locators. You can ... Apartments has plenty of Houston apartments to search and Houston apartment locators ready to ... (4/0) download
Energy Healing 1.0Energy healing is on the ... Here is a fun energy healing puzzle for you to solve, depicitng energy coming from the palm ... (10/0) download

IT Energy Efficiency 1 -  IT Energy Efficiency is a little ... (3/0) download
Energy Spy 1.71Energy Spy is a small ... and hibernation. In addition, Energy Spy have many other ... (37/0) download
Dark Solar System 2006 -  In cosmology, dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy which permeates all of ... proposed forms for dark energy are the cosmological constant, a constant energy density filling space homogeneously ... a dynamic field whose energy density can vary in ... (50/0) download
WatchOverEnergy 1.1 -  WatchOverEnergy, an energy tracking and management software ... mode, and track your energy savings when your computer ... programs are running. Track energy saving in both watt ... (34/0) download
Energy Diary 1.10 -  Main goal of Energy Diary is a logging ... of 603 activities with energy expense for each activity ... shows you summary of energy income and expense for each day. Energy Diary can also log ... (25/0) download
Home Energy Analysis System 1.2.03 -  The Home Energy Analysis System enables you ... week, month or year. Energy use can be graphed ... climate factors. The Home Energy Analysis System enables you ... (32/0) download
Teleport Calculator New -  to calculate how much energy it will take to ... (2/0) download
EnergyProbe 5.4.5 -  performance simulation engineers and energy consultants to help explore ... used for:* Facility energy management* Energy cost and demand reduction* ... available in any other energy analysis tool. These alternative ... (5/0) download
Edison 1.1.3323.0 -  close eye on the energy consumption and, in the ... time, save as much energy as possible. for WindowsXP ... (1/0) download
Energy Movier 1.3Energy Movier is a video converter developed by Energy Sistem, a multimedia portable ... for free at the Energy Sistem web site in its download section. With Energy Movier you can convert ... (2/0) download
Techtoniq Energy Station 2.0 -  Techtoniq Energy Station allows you to learn the energy profile of your home ... (2/0) download
Active Energy Manager 4.3 -  Active Energy Manager from IBM helps ... its IT environment.Active Energy Manager measures, monitors, and manages the energy and thermal components of ... platform management solution.Active Energy Manager provides IT and ... (26/0) download
Dynamic Energy Saver 4.6 -  GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver incorporates a host ... considerably enhance PC system energy efficiency, reduce power consumption ... a button, GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver provides exceptional power ... (2/0) download
HiSave Energy Savings Estimator 1.0 -  Features: -Automatic energy saving function for your ... (4/0) download
IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Energy Management 6.2 -  enhanced visibility into key energy consumption and environmental metrics ... infrastructures. Tivoli Monitoring for Energy Management provides a key ... between the domains of energy management and service management ... (6/0) download
Windows XP Energy Blue Theme Pack 1.0Energy Blue Theme Pack is ... (9/0) download
Pipe Flow Energy 1.0 -  The Pipe Flow Energy software estimates the energy used in a pumping ... system that will save energy usage. The Pipe Flow Energy software is designed to ... a comparison of the energy used in systems with ... (5/0) download