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Country Codes 2.7Country Codes is a small database of country codes and additional information for ... 1 Alpha 2-3 codes and ISO number as ... and flag, NDD Code, Country Dialing Code, FIPS PUB ... (6/0) download

IATA Airport and Country Codes 1.0 -  IATA Airport and Country Codes is an application that includes two dictionaries, for country and airport codes. RoadLingua is included with ... (9/0) download
PlusOne - Country Code Address Book Converter 1.0 -  way to assign international country codes to all your contacts ... to apply international calling codes to all numbers in ... phonebook, add the correct country code to your contact ... (1/0) download
Quick Info v1.6 -  quickly look up Internet country codes, area codes for US states, and local times and country and city dialing codes for international cities. Quick ... the latest US area codes (including future area codes not yet implemented) for ... a list of Internet country codes and their corresponding country. For example, www.website ... (46/0) download
IP-Country mapping Database 1.02 -  IP Address Country mapping Database can help ... The IP Address to Country Code Database can be ... 1>Real Time Geo-Locating ( Country ) 2>Redirect based on country 3>Automatically target advertising by country 4>Geo targeting for increased ... (303/0) download
Samsung Remote Server sim unlock client 13.10.15 -  com's Samsung unlock & repair software. HOT ... Supported functions are: Direct unlock, read codes, debrand, repair, reset user ... wait any longer and unlock and repair your Samsung ... (44/0) download
Address Book World PRO 1.7 -  when there is a country code and it should ... travel, frequently change the country stay or mobile network ... them according to what country you'll be. The application ... (13/0) download
Mobile Number Tracer 1.0 -  includes, STD Code Finder Country Code Finder Search City or Country code by Name or ... (44/0) download

Simlock Remote Server (SRS) 10.0.49Unlock your Samsung phone from home lets you to unlock, relock and reset your ... safe! Supported functions: Direct unlock, read codes, debrand, repair, reset user ... wait any longer and unlock / repair / debrand ... (5/0) download
Elifoot 2013 Mobile FREE 18.2.3 -  * Country codes changed according to the ... extra features available to unlock, which may be individually ... (0/0) download
SpeedKeys v1.0 -  names, state abbreviations, Zip codes, and area codes, and generate an optional ... ... (31/0) download
World Time Anytime 1.0.1 -  synchronization, time converter and country profile with curency used, country codes, IDD prefix and capital ... (40/0) download
InterFAX v7.0.1 -  In addition, InterFAX includes a phone book, which can hold up to 16 names and numbers, as well as a list of country codes. (137/0) download
InterFAX Deluxe 1.1.5 -  faxing, a list of country codes is provided, should you ... (104/0) download
PBX Call Tarifficator Pro 2.3Country codes database is used to ... contains more than 2500 country and city codes, including detailed codes for USA and most ... (10/0) download
myXtremePIM -  Hotel Administration- Homepage Administration- Country codes and international preselection listing ... (4/0) download
UI Atoms 2011 -  Button List A Atom Country Combo Box (which includes country names, flags, country codes, abbreviations, and currency symbols ... (5/0) download
Agenda LM 4.0 -  passwords, alarms, notes, and country codes. Under “general” you ... (24/0) download
International Mileage Charts 1 -  using ISO 2 character country codes - eg. "DE" is Germany ... (2/0) download
Auto Expense Manager 2009 2.10.04 -  tm) and have unlock/registration codes emailed to you or ... (15/0) download
Zoo Bar Malia 1.0 -  Whilst youre in malia, unlock coupon codes and get free stuff ... (5/0) download
.edu Browser 1.2 -  domains include URLs with country codes, for example, .edu.au ... domains include URLs with country codes, for example, .gov.au ... (1/0) download
Roam Simple 1.2 -  as identifying the correct Country and City codes for their destination. This ... New Roam Simple International Country Code App allows you ... and over 8000 city codes. The App will confirm ... (2/0) download
Telegram Lite 1.02 -  - Works internationally - no country codes or cross network issues ... (2/0) download
International Contacts Editor (ICE) 1.0 -  to add the international country code (E.g. +1 ... all 271 currently used country codes. This app will correctly ... (2/0) download