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PCLTool SDK 32-bit/32-bit .NET 11.61 -  PCL Tool SDK 32-bit is a collection of ... PageTech now fully supports 32-bit and 32-bit .NET on all Windows ... supported formats. PCLTool SDK 32-bit Features: * Since 1993 ... (13/0) download

Is File 32-bit or 64-bit Software 7.0 -  or DRV files are 32-bit or 64-bit. This software will also ... (28/0) download
Labels, Cards and More (32-bit) v2.5 -  Labels, Cards and More (32-bit) is a full-featured ... cards, envelopes, disk labels, video tape labels, and more ... (93/0) download
MediaSauce - Conservative Version (32-bit) v2.0 -  MediaSauce - Conservative Version (32-bit) is an excellent media ... that handles WAV, Midi, Video for Windows and Quicktime ... (57/0) download
NET TOOB Stream (32-bit) v3.5d -  NET TOOB Stream (32-bit) is an excellent audio and video file player that handles ... TOOB supports MPEG-1, Video for Windows (AVI), QuickTime ... looping function"\; when viewing video and select buffered play ... (41/0) download
MediaSauce (32-bit) v2.2 -  MediaSauce (32-bit) is an excellent media ... WAV, MIDI, CD Audio, Video for Windows and Quicktime ... (32/0) download
Adobe Premiere (32-bit) v5.0 -  Adobe Premiere (32-bit) is a full-featured ... broadcast-quality movies for video, multimedia, or the Web ... Almost any type of video, audio, or image format ... (205/0) download
CompuPic (CPIC) (32-bit) v5.2 build 1080 -  CompuPic (CPIC) (32-bit) is a fast and ... managing your graphics files, video files, fonts and audio ... image or play any video or audio file. For ... (63/0) download

Apprentice Video 64-bit r434 434 -  Apprentice Video 64-bit was created as an ... use and user-friendly video playback application that's based ... can use the Apprentice Video piece of software to ... (13/0) download
PSA Cards (32-bit) v3.6 -  PSA Cards (32-bit) is an easy-to ... drawings, maps, sound clips, video clips, pictures, letters, graphs ... (39/0) download
WinStructor (32-bit) v1.01 -  WinStructor (32-bit) captures screen sequences as ... as either an AVI video file, an FLI/FLC animation ... (28/0) download
MANAGE Your Videos 98 (32-bit) v1.2 -  MANAGE Your Videos 98 (32-bit) is a full-featured ... any size. For each video you can track title ... (27/0) download
GoldWave (32-bit) v4.21 -  GoldWave (32-bit) is a full-featured ... can extract audio from video files (including MOV, AVI ... (78/0) download
Morpher for Windows (32-bit) v2.0 -  Morpher for Windows (32-bit) creates images and digital ... or as a single Video for Windows clip. If ... (66/0) download
V-Mailer 1.2.1 -  V-Mailer is 32-bit command-line and batch ... (146/0) download
Account Pro (32-bit) v7.60 -  Account Pro (32-bit) is a double-entry ... support for GST. This 32-bit version also has multi ... (133/0) download
Medlin Windows General Ledger (32-bit) v1.1 -  Medlin Windows General Ledger (32-bit) is a fast and ... (193/0) download
OfficeView - Group (32-bit) v2.47 -  OfficeView - Group (32-bit) is a LAN-based ... (27/0) download
OfficeView - Regular (32-bit) v2.45 -  OfficeView - Regular (32-bit) is a LAN-based ... (28/0) download
QUERYer (32-bit) v4.1 -  QUERYer (32-bit) is a database query ... (160/0) download
PageFocus (32-bit) v6.02 -  PageFocus (32-bit) blends desktop publishing with ... (36/0) download
Controlling Your Business 98 (32-bit) v3.6 -  Controlling Your Business 98 (32-bit) is designed to control ... (32/0) download
Address Organizer (32-bit) v3.6 -  Address Organizer (32-bit) is a fully integrated ... (140/0) download
Database Browser Plus (32-bit) v3.0.25 -  Database Browser Plus (32-bit) is a complete database ... (55/0) download
Plus-32 (32-bit) v3.5.1 -  Plus-32 (32-bit) helps you test and ... (56/0) download