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Barracuda Home Server 3.3 -  a Web File Manager, WebDAV, HTTPS tunnel, an advanced ... (184/0) download

SimpleSend 1.1 -  file transfers via FTP, WebDAV or E-mail. Automation ... (23/0) download
BitKinex FTP Client 3.2.3 -  innovative FTP, SFTP and WebDAV client for Windows. In ... (56/0) download
Sysinternals Toolbox WebDAV 2011.09.03 -  utilities from the Sysinternals WebDAV sever on the Internet ... ... (3/0) download
Cyberduck for Mac OS X 4.2.1 -  open source FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Mosso Cloud Files and ... (4/0) download
SabreDAV 1.8.2 -  SabreDAV is a WebDAV framework designed to help ... fully compliant with the WebDAV standard and features an ... tool for integrating the WebDAV protocol in the applications ... (3/0) download
WebDAVCrane for iPad - FileCrane for WebDAV 1.6 -  manager (filer) APP for WebDAV. Changes: Fixed known defects ... (2/0) download
OverTheAir - a WebDAV client for FREE! 1.8.3 -  your files in any WebDAV enabled server. Either for ... Dropbox or any other WebDAV enabled online file storages ... other services that support WebDAV. USE YOUR DEVICE FOR ... (3/0) download

WebDAV Nav+ 2.2WebDAV Nav+ is a WebDAV client and file explorer ... upload them to your WebDAV server Forward downloaded documents ... Range requests. Built-in WebDAV server to share your files with other WebDAV Nav users Mount your ... (4/0) download
CloudMounter for Mac 1.0 -  FTP, SFTP and WebDAV servers can be connected ... (211/2) download
EngInSite DataFreeway -  SSH (SSH1,SSH2,SFTP), WebDAV, FTP, FTPS Client for ... multiple transfer protocols (SSH,WebDAV, FTP). Its user interface ... (53/0) download
SecureBlackbox .NET 14.0.290 -  and manage resources using WebDAV. SAMLBlackbox - create SAML authentication ... (125/2) download
WebDrive 9.10 -  WebDrive integrates FTP, FTPS, WebDAV, SFTP, Amazon S3 or ... ... (342/0) download
WebDrive for Mac 2.05 -  WebDrive integrates FTP, FTPS, WebDAV, SFTP, or GroupDrive servers ... ... (49/0) download
Handy Backup Professional 7.8.5 -  NAS, LAN, FTP/SFTP/FTPS and WebDAV destinations, with ZIP compression ... (873/8) download
Handy Backup Home Professional 7.8.4 -  NAS, LAN, FTP/SFTP/FTPS and WebDAV destinations, with ZIP compression ... (144/2) download
Handy Backup Home Standard 7.8.6 -  Google Drive, FTP and WebDAV destinations, with ZIP compression ... (775/6) download
SWX Onlinebackup 1.3.2 -  services in the "cloud" (WebDAV). Already integrated Cloud's are ... (1/0) download
DocumentBurster 5.2.8 -  drives, Unix Samba servers, WebDAV or enterprise portals such ... (3/0) download
WebDrive for Mac OS 2.01 -  SFTP, FTP, FTPS, or WebDAV server as a local ... ... (6/0) download
CrowzNest for Mac OS 2.3 -  Crowznest automatically uploads files to remote folders on any device that you may connect to using FTP/SSL/SFTP/WebDav. Simply setup local folders as Hot Folders and link them to one or more remote destinations. CrowzNest will monitor the HotFolder for any files changes including new and edited files. Once CrowzNest detects a file change the file ... (5/0) download
Twin for Mac OS 1.2.4 -  servers: FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, MobileMe. It ... (2/0) download
AnyClient 2.2 -  AnyClient is a free platform independent file transfer application that supports all major file transfer protocols including FTP/S, SFTP and WebDAV/S. (49/0) download
WNetConnect 01 Beta -  WNetConnect can be very helpful when trying to mount and dismount WebDAV drives programmatically. (2/0) download
HTML-Optimizer Plus 2.2.1 -  supports the FTP and WebDAV transfer protocol. The latter ... (3/0) download