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FWD (Feedback Weight-training Designer) Light v2.0.2 -  FWD (Feedback Weight-training Designer) Light is designed ... who need high-level weight training. FWD gives you specific daily directions for weight training and nutrition. The directions ... also includes support for training equipment and printing capability ... (61/0) download

Weight-Training Genie 1.3Weight-Training Genie (WTG) provides an ... way to track your weight training using an external accelerometer ... the user lifts/moves the weight. As there are different types of movements during weight training the app distinguishes between ... (4/0) download
IntuiTrain 1.0 -  a smart and intuitive weight training diary that helps you plan, track and evaluate weight training results and related injuries ... (2/0) download
Healthy Body Weight 1.2 -  adequate cardiovascular activity and weight training. Your healthy body weight is that weight at which you are ... The slower you lose weight, the more likely you ... adequate cardiovascular activity and weight training. The best way to ... (30/0) download
Easy Journal 1.0 -  from car maintenance to weight training. Features:E Store, browse ... (15/0) download
Triathlog v2.1.6 -  a log of your training and racing performance in swimming, cycling, running, and weight training. The Training Log lets you quickly enter your daily training events, methods, time, distance ... View"\; displays all your training for any past week ... and modify all your training and racing plans, and ... (60/0) download
Crosstrainer II v4.5.4 -  you create and schedule weight training and aerobic workouts, and ... up workouts for cross training, bodybuilding, and toning. The cross training option allows you to ... main sport with a weight training program designed for that ... (54/0) download
TrainingBase (16-bit) v4.1 -  cycling, running, swimming, walking, weight training, aerobics, or any type ... (53/0) download

HealthEngage Diet+Fitness 3.5Weight loss, cardio, &\; weight training helper. HealthEngage Diet &\ ... reach their goals in weight loss, cardiovascular fitness and weight training. HealthEngage Diet &\; Fitness ... Users can also combine weight readings, meals, exercise, supplement ... (31/0) download
Workout of the Day - Daily Fitness Exercise by i365 2.03 -  with no gym or weight training equipment at all! Our ... intensity intervals you'll shed weight, hone your body, and ... (3/0) download
Pacer - Smart Workout Timer 1.0.1 -  From weight training, to MMA, Crossfit, or ... see how much youre training. - Use it at home ... timers, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) protocol timers, Circuit Training timers DID YOU KNOW? ... (4/0) download
30 Seconds 1.0.1 -  ever since I started weight training. We all know about ... as useful to your weight training workout as it have ... (3/0) download
WorkoutTimer 3.2.1 -  application that supports a weight training in an accurate rhythm ... effective when running slow weight training. When you do self-wight training, Workout timer helps you ... (0/0) download
Muscle and Fitness Books 7.11 -  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Sports Nutrition Guide, and Weight Training Success. All 3 books ... essentials of serious fitness training and sports nutrition to ... logs and links to training videos, in addition to ... (2/0) download
Bulk Up! Protein Tracker - protein counter to gain muscle and build strength 2.0.3 -  goals with a solid training program and excellent nutrition! ... foundation of a successful weight training program. That's right -- lifting ... cornerstone of any successful weight training program. Bulk Up! Protein ... (2/0) download
Breakthru Fitness 1.0 -  a variety of group training classes, pilates, spinning, weight training, speed training and more. Our Mobile ... (2/0) download
RoboReps ~ Real-time exercise assistant 1.0 -  easily track your daily weight training or cardio exercise routines ... exercises and go. Your weight training results can be added ... your daily workouts for weight training or cardio exercises under ... (6/0) download
Mass Muscle - Powerful Muscle Building Techniques for the Ultimate Physique 1.0 -  - The most powerful weight training routines ever revealed that ... (2/0) download
Neighborhood Barre 1.0 -  conditioning, yoga, and isometric weight training to carve and sculpt ... (2/0) download
WorkoutTimerLite 3.2.1 -  application that supports a weight training in an accurate rhythm ... effective when running slow weight training. Let Workout Timer Lite ... (2/0) download
AeroTrack v2.3 -  and monitor your diet, weight, and exercise performance. Exercises ... walking, biking, rowing, swimming, weight training, and more. You can ... use the calorie and weight tracking features to monitor your success in reducing weight and improving health. By ... (73/0) download
Weightmania Pro 1.9.3 -  and weight training, accommodates any workout or ... exercise including running, cycling, weight lifting and walking. Designed ... (27/0) download
Weightmania Pro for Mac OS 4.0.7 -  calories and nutrients, detailed weight training and cardio workouts, weight loss, measurements, diabetes, cholesterol ... for recording cardio and weight training.- More than 20 additional ... (2/0) download
Weight a'Minute v1.10Weight a'Minute enables you to monitor your weight over time. For each ... Metric), type of workout (training or competition), time, location ... or individual exercises for weight training workouts (enter exercises, sets, repetitions, and weight). You can easily create ... (47/0) download
Weight Loss Premium 1.6 -  is the most comprehensive weight loss application that consists of weight loss simulation (on your ... include: -ability to simulate weight loss on your own ... plan to achieve your weight loss goal by accounting ... (3/0) download