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NorthNotch Software Widgets Library 0.7 -  NorthNotch Software Widgets Library 0.7 contains c++ classes of GUI widgets that can be used ... embraces most popular control widgets for desktop applications. Library ... applications for Windows easier. Widgets library is provided under ... (68/2) download

Calendar Widgets v1.08.2 -  Calendar Widgets is a set of ... and time management. Calendar Widgets consists of four controls ... Information Manager (PIM), Calendar Widgets is ideal for data ... (75/0) download
Perfect Widgets for Windows 8 1.5 -  Perfect Widgets for WinRT offers 150+ ... HTML5-based applications. Perfect Widgets controls are absolutely interactive ... it at all. Perfect Widgets can gauge any data ... (18/0) download
N-Button Lite 1.4 0.440 -  creates up to 8 widgets to control RS232 & ... includes five types of widgets, Relay Button, Relay Status ... (22/0) download
Data Widgets 3.1 -  Data Widgets supports OLE DB and ... (4/0) download
TI Widgets Toolbox 1.1.7 -  TI Widgets Toolbox is a handy ... (2/0) download
Aston2 Menu 1.3.1 -  with any Aston 2 widgets and icons.Thus, complete ... private settings. All Aston2 widgets are skinnable: you can ... skin of any element; - Widgets support (This demo version contains the following default widgets: Clock, Calendar, Recycle bin ... (767/0) download
DeskBlox 1.2.4 -  These widgets, written in JavaScript or ... or remote program execution. Widgets written for DeskBlox blend ... a number of useful widgets you can use immediately ... (9/0) download

CopyText v2.2 -  window captions, and other widgets to the Clipboard. You ... window captions, and other widgets, as well as enable ... (29/0) download
Firefoxy 1.0.1 -  Apply fancy widgets to Firefox. Firefoxy is ... Kevin Gerich's fancy Firefoxy widgets via drag-and-drop ... revert to the old widgets, drag Firefox onto Firefoxy ... (10/0) download
Ruby 1.0 -  Change Aqua widgets to Ruby. Ruby exchanges Aqua widgets with Ruby ones (with minor variations). Graphite widgets remain unchanged (for those ... (50/0) download
Konfabulator 1.7.1 -  Create desktop Widgets to do just about ... run little files called Widgets that can do pretty ... you want them to. Widgets can be alarm clocks ... (24/0) download
Itcl -  Object oriented mega widgets for tcl incr Tcl] ... (98/0) download
Aston2 1.5.0Widgets push the limits of ... something else - no problem! Widgets extend the start menu ... (187/0) download
N-Button Lite -  creates up to 16 widgets to control serial port ... access and control the widgets remotely. Through internet browser ... (200/6) download
AppDelete for Mac OS 3.1.4 -  only Applications but also Widgets, Preference Panes, Plugins and ... (36/0) download
Amnesty Hypercube for Mac OS 0.5 -  Move web widgets, flash games and video ... (31/0) download
iWeb Valet for Mac OS 2.3.9 -  to add new interactive widgets to your web pages! ... (2/0) download
Widget Manager for Mac OS 1.4 -  that lets you manage Widgets under Mac OSX 10 ... and disable any Dashboard Widgets, including the default Apple Widgets.Widget Manager shows all ... you can easily remove Widgets you no longer want ... (1/0) download
Smart Widget Installer for Mac OS 1.1 -  Dashboard closing your open widgets whenever you install a ... drop any number of widgets on the app to ... having to move your widgets back in place every ... (3/0) download
QuteCsound 0.6.1 -  editor with autocomplete, interactive widgets and integrated help. It ... (3/0) download
QuteCsound for Mac OS X 0.6.1 -  editor with autocomplete, interactive widgets and integrated help. It ... (4/0) download
Amnesty Generator 1.5 -  converts millions of web widgets, games and videos designed ... get your favorite web widgets to your desktop. (27/0) download
Opera Bible 1.0 -  devices that supports Opera widgets. It provides quotes from ... (2/0) download
Verizon Small Business Toolbar 6.0 -  Business Toolbar offer you widgets like: - fast search bar ... (5/0) download