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Restore Windows Backup File 5.8 -  try to restore backup file from XP to Windows 7, but NTBackup.exe ... screens like: ‘the backup file contains unrecognized data and ... from XP backup to Windows 7. And if any ... (3/0) download

Windows Script Component Wizard 1.0 -  The Windows Script Component Wizard automates the process of creating a script component (.wsc) file. Main Features: - Creates the .wsc file and adds basic XML ... handler you want the script component to use - Prompts ... for events that the script component can fire and ... (1/0) download
Export Windows Contact File 3.0 -  Wish to move Windows .Contact file? How you ... news for you! Now Windows Contacts Converter is available for you to export windows contact file and contact to outlook. Using Windows Contacts Converter software tool exporting contacts from windows .contact file will be very easy ... one format for .Contact file conversion, you can convert .Contact ... (3/0) download
AdBin - Windows Hosts file editor 1.0.0 -  free, easy to use windows hosts file editor, well suited for ... free, easy to use windows hosts file editor, well suited for ... mouse clicks on the windows system tray, drag and drop file merging, tip of the ... (60/0) download
Windows Script Documentation 5.6 -  all of Microsoft® Windows® Script Technologies, including: - Microsoft Visual ... ... (5/0) download
Windows Hosts File Manager 1.0 -  Using Windows Hosts File Manager application you can edit HOSTS file, add and delete some configurations in that file. Windows Hosts File Manager was developed especially ... ... (1/0) download
The Wizard's Apprentice 1.5 -  ask questions from a script file, using Windows dialog boxes in the ... (0/0) download
XLnow OnScript 2.1.568 -  running scripts on Microsoft Windows desktop and server systems ... VBScript and JScript files, Windows Script Files and Script Components from template files ... the PerlScript and Python script languages. Add custom file types, for example Transact-SQL. Edit script documents with the assistance ... (40/0) download

Pocket File Manager 1.3 -  more efficiency from a Windows Mobile file explorer? Pocket File Manager is the solution ... yet easy to use, Windows Mobile file manager based on the ... amounts of data, Pocket File Manager is at it' ... (6/0) download
Get Back Windows 7 Files 2.0 -  Want to get back Windows 7 files? Try Windows 7 file recovery software to get back deleted Windows 7 drive data from ... get back data software Windows 7 is an efficient ... recovering deleted documents from Windows 7 partition (FAT/NTFS). Get back Windows 7 data program is ... (4/0) download
Scripts Encryptor Control -  JScript data in a file or imbedded in HTML page using Windows Script Encoder method (emulation of ... including those encrypted using Windows Script Encoder); (10) Support of international code pages and file encodings (overall Unicode support ... change code page and file encoding while saving in a file; (12) Ability to make a Unix-compatible file ... (45/0) download
IDAutomation File Replicator 1.1 -  A backup and file synchronization utility for Windows IDAutomation File Replicator is a directory mirroring and file synchronization utility that also ... (23/0) download
File Size Monitor (FMon) v1.1File Size Monitor (FMon) shows the size of your Windows swap file and free space on ... System Tray of the Windows taskbar. Features of Fmon ... ability to: display a file other than the Windows swap file\; run Fmon at startup\; display file size, disk space, or ... (41/0) download
Windows Registry Guide v2.0Windows Registry Guide is a Windows Help file full of tips, tricks ... make changes to your Windows Registry to take advantage ... the hidden features in Windows 95, 98 and NT ... (45/0) download
TLBDOC 1.0 -  Creates a Windows Help File from a Type Library ... (2/0) download
NiceCopier 11.09.25 -  NiceCopier replaces windows explorer file copy, it adds many ... (7/0) download
NiceCopier x64 11.09.25 -  NiceCopier replaces windows explorer file copy, it adds many ... (3/0) download
HashTab for Mac 1.2 -  HashTab is a Windows shell extension which adds a tab called "File Hashes" to the Windows Explorer file properties. HashTab will allow you to see file hash information. The tab ... SHA1 and CRC-32 file hashes. These are common ... it very simple for Windows users to check these hashes on any file on the system without ... (21/0) download
Hayate the Combat Butler WINDOWS XP THEME 2.0 -  there is 3 different Windows Theme file with the name, so ... (9/0) download
Toolsack DotNet Script Host 1.0 -  is based on the Windows Script Host (WSH) from Microsoft ... from Microsoft. Toolsack DotNet Script Host is a free ... (5/0) download
Win Hosts File Editor 1.0Windows Hosts File Editor was developed for ... with all versions of Windows (98 and newer). This ... ... (2/0) download
Flash Builder/Flash Player 1.07 -  any SWF flash movie file into an executable Windows exe file. The executable has no standard windows border and supports translucency ... Also an autorun.inf file can be created. Release ... (2/0) download
FAT Drive Data Recovery FAT file system partition recovery software ... FAT16, FAT32 or VFAT file system partition. FAT32 disk ... different memory sizes. FAT file system recovery utility is ... (3/0) download
MacImagesConverter 1.0 -  Macintosh pict files into Windows BMP file format. Also batch conversion ... (15/0) download
Grammar Slammer for Word v1.1 -  information in the familiar Windows Help file format, that goes beyond ... And it uses the Windows Help file format to make it ... ... (146/0) download